Bioesthtic dentistry is the only discipline that uses optimal natural dental system biology as the guide for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. the best human dental systems are not random. The scientific validity of this approach has been proven at the clinical level with quantifiable, existence-based, living morphology. The optimal model of exceptional biology is not exclusive and is available to anyone interested in its study. Very little formal academic research has been done on optimal dental system health. It is a fertile field for continued endeavor.

Logically, for a living system to have a will-grounded diagnosis, it should require an optimal health standard for comparison. Historically, there has been no specific biologic basis for comprehensive dental system diagnosis and/or treatment. For example, the most predominate activates in comprehensive dental system care today are found in the prosthodontic and orthodontic specialties, and extensive literature review shows that prosthodontics evolved from inventing denture solutions for edentulous patients. Those denture technologies were subsequently applied to people with teeth. The form and mechanics of that effort are embodied in what is known today as the prosthetic model.

It appears that a large number of orthodontists have also embraced some aspect of the prosthetic model demonstrated by the many finished orthodontic cases considered ideal with overbites of 2mm or less.

The optimal model brings organization to the chaotic atmosphere that presently surrounds comprehensive restorative dentistry and orthodontics so practitioners can consider full-mouth problems on a sound biologic foundation. it could serve as the universal standard for dental system care uniting all disciplines and specialties to a common philosophy. Techniques may be different, but the objectives would be the same. An optimal biologic basis for comprehensive care has been discovered, tested, and applied for 20 years. It is now available to the profession as an excellent alternative to the status quo. the great benefit for our patients would be that most confusion about occlusion among the dental community would be resolved.

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